About Us

FANTASY ACCESSORY BOX is a creation of the imagination, a place that allows everyone to express desires already in them.
In our everyday lives, we often find our thoughts pursuing a series of fantasies concerning things we wish we could do or be. The roots of such dreams may lie in the unlimited power of the little child in all of us, still liable to claim what we have always wanted. Behind this outburst of desire is a daydream, an embrace of imagination unrestricted by reality.
Come explore our series of pleasing whimsical images, serving to fulfill a need not normally gratified in reality. Reduce fantasies to wishes and wishes to must haves.
Please note that all pieces are custom made and will take 14-21 business days to complete (expedited service available at no additional charge).
Some of our custom pieces may come in one or multiple layers depending on the weight of material used to create it, to allow for a comfortable fit.