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Oyemwen Buy Back

Welcome to Oyemwen Buy Back, our exclusive program designed for clients who have purchased garments from us within the past six months to three years, or any duration. Whether you've barely worn your garment or you've given it a lot of love, it's time for a fresh start. Don't discard it; let us help you upgrade to a new piece and join our sustainability initiative. Discover how we can transform your old into something new while supporting a green cause.

Follow these simple steps to upgrade your garment:

  1. Text Us: Reach out to us through +1-678-641-0082 and be part of our sustainability journey.

    Provide the following information:
  • Previous order number
  • Name of the garment purchased (with size and color)
  • First and Last name
  • New Style request
  • Size request
  • Color request
  • Photo of garment
    (Attach a current photo of the garment with a clean background. This will help us assess its condition and eligibility for an upgrade)
  1. Wait for Confirmation: We'll review your request and send you a confirmation. Do not send the garment back until you receive this confirmation. Please be patient, as this step may take a short while.
  2. Invoice: Once your upgrade request is approved, we'll issue an invoice that includes the shipping fee for the new garment and the remaining balance after applying the buy back discount. The customer will be responsible for covering the shipping cost of the old garment back to us.

  3. Construction Time: Our team will work diligently on your garment upgrade. Please note that construction may take more than 21 business days once the upgrade is confirmed, and shipping is paid.

In this way, you can breathe new life into your cherished garment while contributing to sustainability and our green initiative. Make the most out of your Oyemwen experience, and let us help you refresh your style, all while making a positive impact on the planet.

Upgrade today and keep your Oyemwen story going strong while reducing waste and supporting sustainability!